Updated Minecraft to 1.13

Submitted by seifer44 on Wed, 07/18/2018 - 21:34

The Aquatic update is finally out, and we've updated our server to the latest version! We have a backup just in case, so feel free to reach out to me if you encounter any problems.

It appears that we can update the world configuration and run an "optimized" version. I'll have to look into this further, will determine the benefits of it, and will convert our world sometime in the future, but I want to ensure we don't have any problems with this update before I make any changes like that.


Website is Back Online!

Submitted by seifer44 on Sat, 09/09/2017 - 19:34

Hello again! We're now back online with different hosting. Our previous server has been rebuilt a lot of stuff has been optimized. One major improvement is that our network connection has been upgraded.

So far, we just have our original Minecraft server online. There was service interruption at various points in the last year (sorry about that), but it should be pretty solid, now! No content from our previous world was lost; go take a look!