1.21 Update – Tricky Trials is Live!

Minecraft has been updated to 1.21; the Tricky Trials update!

You can read more about the update itself here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/tricky-trials-update-official-release-date

Please remember that, when you’re exploring new chunks, please don’t go further than needed. Doing so makes traveling to future updates more difficult over time.
Honestly, our community has been pretty good about this 😄

We have a “beta” deployment of Bluemap that is currently live at https://procrastinationhub.net/bluemap/. This map may be regenerated at any time. In the event that the map isn’t working, please let me know, and check back in later.

The original map at https://mcmap.procrastinationhub.net (which is no longer receiving updates) will be deleted once the Bluemap deployment is working as expected.

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