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Updated Minecraft to 1.18

We’re now running version 1.18 of the server!! There’s a lot of new content that has been added in this update, and subsequently, there’s a few things to note about this update.

World Map

It looks like the Minecraft Overviewer map should support v1.18. This will be handy for exploration!

There’s a quirk (bug?) where chunks that would previously show up on the world map end up getting “blanked” out. For example, I had logged in and validated that the world loaded at our main base. This area was 100% explored in this screenshot. However, the Overviewer didn’t seem to render everything.

Blanked out content example JPG

This may be related to render distance in the game, world chunks silently getting updated as you move around, and the Overviewer expecting data in a certain format. I’m not 100% sure what’s going on here, but all of the content in those chunks should still be there; don’t worry! Just run around, and wait for the next Overviewer map update to load. This runs every six hours.

In regard to exploration, though…


As most of you are aware, we’re running a very old server. There are a lot of changes to the biomes that we can find, along with the height of those biomes.

As you go searching for the newest content, please limit your exploration. Don’t go aimlessly exploring for very long! While exploration is part of the joy of Minecraft, I’d like to ensure that our world doesn’t get ridiculously large just for the sake of it. The intention is that, for future updates to come, we don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time in a minecart or in the Nether to access the new content.

In the grand scheme of things, our world isn’t that large due to this philosophy. Let’s still have fun with this in mind.

The changes to the biomes and world heights have changed the chunk generation in this update, and will lead to strange edges when you go exploring after a new update. This is normal. In the event that bedrock isn’t present in some of these edges, please don’t try glitching out of the map. I’d hate for too much stuff to get shoved into a chunk in a way the game isn’t designed for, and cause world corruption.

Server Performance

After poking around in the game once the update was installed, it took me around 10 seconds or so for my character to stop “falling” after logging in, and actually have the chunk I was standing in loaded. I’m not sure if this is related to the game files requiring updates, but that’s my suspicion.

The game may be slower as move around the old and new content, but should normalize shortly after. In the event you run into some poor performance for more than 30 or so seconds, please let me know right away.


Reach out if you need anything, or have concerns with the world’s content (AKA corruption), performance, or if you just need a buddy to log in.
– seifer44

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