Server Outage 2020-01-21 (Online again!)

UPDATE: Services went down at around 7:15 PM, and came back up around 9:25 PM Mountain Time. Thanks for your patience!

We will be moving our server hardware to another location tomorrow, starting around 5-6 PM, and coming back online around 9-10 PM Mountain Time. The DNS record should update within an hour of coming back online.

Unfortunately, we will be taking a serious hit to our upload bandwidth available at this new location. This shouldn’t be noticable during gameplay on Minecraft, as long as there isn’t 20+ users online at once. However, the Minecraft map will load considerably slower. I will see what can be done for finding a new location sometime later this year.

I’ll edit this post when the host is back online (and you’ll see the website load, too!).

– seifer44

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