Website is Back Online!

Hello again! We’re now back online with different hosting. Our previous server has been rebuilt a lot of stuff has been optimized. One major improvement is that our network connection has been upgraded.

So far, we just have our original Minecraft server online. There was service interruption at various points in the last year (sorry about that), but it should be pretty solid, now! No content from our previous world was lost; go take a look!

Anyone familiar with our previous history will see that this site is very different from what we were running before. That’s correct; this website is solely focused on providing tools and information for small-scale game servers for me and any friends. Depending on the platform, I may have a private, or public, server online. Those will get posted as I bring them online. I may bring some web forums back at some point, but not until there’s a legitimate need, and again, with a sole focus on gaming-related material.

I’ll have more stuff available as I can build it 🙂

– seifer44

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