Server Hardware Upgraded

Submitted by seifer44 on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 23:13

We have undergone a drastic upgrade, from $300 worth of components in 2012 to a very awesome system that gives us a lot of room to grow. This will include more frequent rendering of Minecraft services, such as the map and the stats, along with hosting additional game services (like I was briefly doing before).

Unfortunately, we're not operating at 100% capacity just yet, due to some complications, and some additional time needed.

  • The Minecraft map is offline until a new, fresh rendering is created. I need to find a new service (that isn't buggy) to do this.
  • The Minecraft statistics are offline for the indefinite future. I was previously utilizing mclogalyzer, but this is no longer working at all on the new platform.

I'll be sure to update all of you once I bring these features back online, along with the new features as they come out.

Thanks for your patience while I got the new hardware going! It was a long time coming.

- seifer44