Minecraft Map Regenerated

Submitted by seifer44 on Wed, 08/14/2019 - 20:03

The Minecraft map has been regenerated with Minecraft Overviewer. I experimented with another project, but the project isn't very well maintained, nor has it been forked just yet.

Map Snippet
This definitely exists.

Unfortunately, a few chunks of map aren't rendering at all (even though the map data is there). Forcing a re-render isn't working, from scratch or after the initial completion. There's a ton of bugs open at the moment, and hopefully, this will get resolved sometime soon.

The map is set to update every four hours, and will not impact the game performance (I've tested it :D ).

Please let me know if you've got an alternative to suggest. I'd be happy to look into it. The plugin/software must work with Vanilla worlds only.

- seifer44